Caramel Cards (click on lower right of most scans to enlarge)up to date as of 7/4/2020

E90-1 American Caramel Jordon miscut w/holes SGC 10 $47

E90-3 Zeider miscut $95

E92 Dockmans Zimmerman SGC 70 sold

E92 Dockmans Magee SGC 70 sold

E92 Dockmans Magge & Zimmerman reverses

E92 Crofts Candy (blue) reverses

E92 Croft's Candy black back, Bridwell SGC 45 $210

E92 Croft's Candy black back Kleinow $ (sold)

E92 Croft's Candy black back reverses

E92 Crofts Cocoa Bridwell SGC 40 $295

E92 Nadja Schlei $175

Davis and Moore reverses

E98 Connie Mack Green background SGC 20 (sharp w/bk damage) $585

E104-1 Krause w/Nadja back $315

E121 Hugh Jennings PSA 7 $395

E136 (1911) Zeenuts - Ables, Brackenridge, Gregory, Hogan(sold), Pernoll(sold), backs all have some residue and minor damage. Brackenridge has writing on the back too. $35 ea,

E137 1927 Zeenut Harry Hooper $365

E137 1932 Zeenut Gasribaldi sold

E137 1932 Zeenut Martin $145

E-Unc 1910 Baseball Bats Collins SGC 20 $775

E-Unc 1912 J & K Candy Merkle SGC A $565

J & K reverse of above card s

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